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What we do

Let us explain how we work

  • Script Creation

    Script Creation

    We work together to understand your business and what you want to achieve this will help us find the direction the animation should take.

  • Animation


    Choose the animation style you like and we will show you what we are doing during the creative process for your feedback and ideas.

  • Voice Over

    Voice Over

    We have a variety of voiceovers with different accents from around the world, we will show you samples of their work until we find the right person for you.

  • Delivery


    Once the video has completed and you are happy we will help you upload and install the video to your website.

1. Script
We will send you our questionare to help us understand you business and what you want to achieve but don’t worry we will go through it with you over the phone or on skype together [We prefer skype].
3. Story Board and Draft Animation
This is where the script and animation begin to mix. We will break the script down into different frames using the animation style we chose.
5. Animation
At this stage we begin the animation process, this includes putting the voice over and soundtrack together and synching it with the illustrations from the storyboard. This stage will not be completed untill you are completely satisfied with the animation.
2. Choose your voice over and animation
We will show you a range of illustrations and voice actors to build an idea of the kind of animation you want. We will ask you to choose what style of animation you like most, we will also help you choose if you are uncertain.
4. Voice Over
Our professional voice actors will record your unique script, the recording will be edited and times to agree with our standarards of attention retention, this is a trail and error process which involves synching the script with the soundtrack.
6. Delivery
Once you are happy with the animation we will send it to you in any file you desire, we can also host it and upload it for you for free!